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Far from the maddening crowd….

Far from the maddening crowd….

When I was a young adult (i.e., teenager), my girlfriends and I absolutely LOVED going to the beach in the summer. And, the more crowded the beach, the better; increased our odds of meeting cute boys!! Nothing was more thrilling that seeing a sea of oil and lotion-slathered bodies lying in the sun and occasionally making their way to ride the waves and get cooled off.

Well, since moving to St Croix 14 years ago, my girlfriends and I STILL love to going the beach. But now that we’re older (MUCH older), we prefer a more “solitary” experience. Now, we are just thrilled when we only see a few other people on the beach all day. And amazingly, on this island that has some of the most beautiful, film-worthy beaches in the world, it’s not hard to find just that; quiet beaches with few visitors.

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algarve portugal beachI just returned to our beautiful island after three months in the Algarve in the southernmost part of Portugal. The Algarve is known for its pristine beaches and perfect summer weather. I can attest to both, although the water there is way too cold for this Crucian girl to swim in (or even GET in!). The Algarve is “the place” for Europeans to come spend a week or two or 10 on their summer vacation. And boy is it crowded. All you can see for miles are beach chairs and bodies! And as much as I LOVE the beach, I could only subject myself to that about four times during my whole summer there.

But now, I’m back on my favorite rock in the world. And, I will be going to the beach every day if I can possibly work it in, and most likely, I’ll have it pretty much all to myself!  So if YOU want to be far from the maddening crowd, consider St Croix for a vacation, an extended stay, or a lifetime!!


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