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Greetings from Paradise!

As the summer progressed, we went from being the #1 “HOTSPOT” for Covid19 to one of the very few places where the virus seems to be in check. I think that bodes well for tourism in St Croix over the holidays! So far, travel to the VI has increased by at least 207% according to a recent article in The AVIS (our local paper). We look forward to welcoming you to (or back to) our beautiful island!

One of the many great things about this island is that we can be outside pretty much any time and all the time! November is our rainy season, and it sometimes creeps into December, but after that, the Christmas Winds arrive, the rain departs and it’s warm, sunny and wonderful!

We have our own brand of Holiday music and traditions, which starts up around Thanksgiving, What better time than 2020 to “change things up” and experience a different culture – since traditional holidays are going to be difficult to manage in this pandemic!

Come, enjoy our local Christmas beverages – like Coquito, (so much better than eggnog!!!) Guavaberry wine (delightfully sweet and tart!), sorrel, ginger beer, and Maubi. Enjoy tarts, sweet bread, and the special holiday classic, Caribbean Black Cake, all made with love in celebration of the holidays. And year ’round favorites of baked macaroni and cheese, potato stuffing, and callaloo are also on the table!

If we are able to have some of our traditional events like our Christmas Festival, (Parades, parties, lots of eating, drinking, and dancing), Jouvert (J’ouvert is “daybreak” in French – and it’s a street party/parade that starts in the wee hours and goes thru daybreak), Tramps (similar to Jouvert), and Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights riding thru the neighborhoods and playing Christmas carols all through the night, I’m sure they will be modified for everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Stay tuned and check to learn what’s happening when!

But even if we are not able to enjoy some of these fun traditions, we will be listening and dancing to Cruzan Christmas music – (I’ve been seen dancing in the aisles at the grocery store! You just can’t help it!!).