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MESSAGE from KIM and the TEAM

Early spring is a wonderful time to be in St Croix. The weather is absolutely perfect, and the island is “abuzz” with tourists and snowbirds! There are lots of fun activities going on, and did we mention the perfect weather?

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live on an island, any of our agents can be a great resource for you to find out. Some of the things we like MOST (besides the weather, LOL), is the great sense of community that we have – which comes from living among “like-minded” people (we all love the outdoors, enjoy being outside, are generally very accepting, open and welcoming to others, and have a deep love and respect for the sea and nature).

We have many of the same issues that you face in your communities – recycling challenges, pet overpopulation, rising healthcare costs. In this issue, you’ll learn a bit about how we deal with these challenges, and hopefully get inspired to join us!

We’ve also included some fun events coming up in hopes that you’ll join us for those, and some new listings that will get your juices flowing too!

Hope to see you around the island! We’re hosting an event here in April, we’d love for you to join us to learn more about what it’s like to Live in St Croix!!