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Island Life in a Pandemic…

We are social creatures, and living on a small island and not being able to hang out with our friends has been challenging, as I’m sure it has for people everywhere. However, we’ve managed to stop Covid-19 in its tracks here…and it never got “out of control.” YAY!

Our Governor has done a fantastic job of keeping us informed and laying out a good plan to follow. A “no mask, no service” policy has been instituted, and washing stations have been placed all around the island in major shopping areas. Our friends at Mutiny Vodka began making hand sanitizer, since finding that was a bit of a struggle here. Now we’re welcoming tourists and visitors – and we pray that the social distancing and frequent hand washing/sanitizing will continue to keep us all safe from the effects of this ravaging virus.

In anticipation of reopening, the Health Department set forth guidance for various businesses and prepared with the tourism industry to do everything to prevent a surge in new cases.

Before completing the air and seaport entry guidelines, the Health Department is working with the Port Authority to update the information card presented to passengers on arrival. The Department of Tourism has also created a comprehensive tourism guide to be distributed to new arrivals.

We know some of you feel this is a “hoax” or that “masks don’t work” or that the restrictions imposed are a violation of your freedom. You are certainly entitled to your beliefs, but many of us here are immune-compromised, and/or are over 60, and we are not willing to take the risk… so PLEASE, if you plan to come to our island in the near future, be respectful and follow the guidelines that our Governor has laid out. They are not unreasonable nor difficult to comply with. We want you to have a blast here and enjoy our beautiful island, while at the same time protecting your servers and the islanders you come in contact with. Social distancing and frequent hand washing and wearing a mask when in public places is expected, and appreciated. Please help protect us from this highly contagious virus that clearly can have devastating consequences. These requests are not “fear-based” – but based on the best guidance available from the experts.