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Weather Update

Temporary roof and blue tarps strewn around Paul M. Pearson apartments on St. Thomas after Hurricane Dorian (Photo by Rodwell Arthur)

Since our news outlets did a very poor job of covering Dorian’s path across the US Virgin Islands, you may not even know that Dorian crossed right over our island, but at that point, it was only a Cat 1 storm. Plenty of rain and some wind, some power outages, but very little damage. Dorian surprisingly picked up steam as it made its way to St Thomas, where sustained winds of 75 miles per hour were experienced. They definitely had it worse than we did, lots of trees and even poles down, a lot of debris, but still, not much significant damage.

Thank goodness. Of course, the Bahamas got the brunt. Sustained 185 MPH winds for days – and as I’m sure you know, virtually nothing is left there. It’s so sad. A former Realtor here, who now lives in St Pete, is President of a group of pilots who run relief missions for the islands and victims of these storms. They have their hands full with this one and could certainly use some help. What I love about this group, besides their President, who is a wonderful human being, is that 100% of the donations go to their mission. In addition, a Florida businessman has agreed to match donations up to half a million! Please contribute if you can… they need our help so badly.