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Happy Fall!!

Two years ago this month, we were preparing for, and then starting the recovery from, hurricanes Irma and Maria. It was nerve-wracking to prepare for Dorian a few weeks ago, which turned out to be a non-event for St Croix, and heartbreaking to see the sheer devastation that Dorian delivered to some of the beautiful islands in the Bahamas. It made me thankful that our building codes are rigorous and that even though Maria was as strong as Dorian, she didn’t do the same extent of damage here as Dorian did there.

We are still in recovery mode to some degree (some homes here are still without roofs), but how in the world does a place like Abaco or Freeport recover from this near total destruction? It will be interesting to see. Meantime, we are digging deep to provide whatever help we can to our fellow islanders and hope that you will as well. Those of you living on the mainland, just take a minute to imagine being on an island that was underwater for a couple of days!! Horrifying! They say the storm surge was well over 20 feet there! I’m also glad that we have mountains and hills in St Croix, and a reef around part of the island that breaks the waves. The Bahamas are beautiful, but as we’ve seen, living on a flat island can have some disastrous consequences!

I imagine many of you are getting your kiddos ready for school and starting to think about the holidays and maybe even plan a winter getaway. St Croix has many great vacation rental properties to choose from! In addition to VRBO and AirBnB, always has a nice crop of rentals, hotels, and guest houses for you to explore. And who knows, and maybe you’ll get lucky and win the Buck Island day-sail via  St Croix Experience, Centerline Car Rental’s big giveaway (see the article in this newsletter)! Also, if you book your trip to St Croix by the end of November, you can get a 10% discount on your rental car reservation at Centerline! Just use code FB19 when you book online!

If you do come down, we’d love to meet (or see) you, learn more about what your’e looking for here, and have a good conversation about helping you make that happen, in whatever timeframe works for you. Our inventory is still low, but that makes it even more important to really paint a good picture of what you’re looking for, so that we can be on the lookout for you! Our office is on the east end of the island, at Chenay Bay resort (first building on the left). Stop by and say hello any time!

And wish us good luck for the remainder of hurricane season!!!