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Sellers Guide

Thinking of selling your home?  We can help!  It’s important to be clear on the market data, your own budget and your own top and bottom lines from the start, so that you are positioned to act quickly, strategically and intelligently when the circumstances require it. We are happy to provide a fast, free, no-obligation market analysis so that we can help you determine:

Optimum list price based on relevant market data
What have similar homes recently sold for;
How much above or below asking they normally sell for;
How long do homes stay on the market, on average, compared with the home you’re selling?

We will also help you determine what you can do to make your home most attractive to buyers (for the least amount of capital outlay).  We can help you see your home from a buyer’s perspective, and do things that will enhance your home’s sale-ability.

It’s important that you think through and are clear about what your priorities are – is it moving quickly? getting top dollar?  Or making sure the other side can close the deal?  We’ll help you determine the factors that will be most important in any offer you may receive.

Selling your home can be stressful.  We will help you avoid the emotional exhaustion that results from trying to negotiate things that are not really negotiable (e.g., the bank’s bottom line, cosmetic repairs, etc.) as well as understand the full range of items that can be negotiated – which extends beyond price into areas like deposit amount, length of escrow, repairs, and whether the property is to be taken in as-is condition

Many people will be involved in your sales transaction.  We will serve as a buffer between you and the buyer, the other agent, and the attorneys involved  before issues and delays become problems.

We will also coach you to avoid making the  mistakes that “turn off” potential buyers:

(Being present for showings, having a messy house, and overpricing your home)
(Perhaps do little video vignettes of these:)

  1. Hanging out when buyers are viewing your home: Buyers can feel personally stalked and stifled in their ability to fully explore or verbally process their impressions of a home when you, seller, hang out inside your home while it’s being shown.
    As soon as a buyer sees you in the house, it instantly becomes much more difficult for them to”
    (a) envision themselves living there (it’s your house, after all),
    (b) be comfortable opening up drawers, closet doors, etc., and
    (c) express their thoughts about how this house might be exactly what they’re looking for, if they can knock out that wall and get rid of the murals you painted in your kids’ rooms, etc..
  2. Showing a messy house. it’s imperative that you make a pact and a plan with yourself and your family that the place will be in tip-top shape when buyers come knocking.
    Your home is competing with dozens of others, as well as with buyer’s HGTV-infused visions of what their next home should look like, so first impressions really count.  Stuffing the closet is not the answer. Pack up your personals like you were moving, and put all but the essentials in storage, if needed. Get the carpets cleaned, do the dishes, make the beds, mow the lawn, dust, sweep and mop. Ask your agent to give you a gut check on whether your idea of clean is clean enough (better yet – ask them for the number of a house cleaner who you can engage to get the job done to showable standards).
Overpricing your home: Buyers already have lots to do before making the largest purchase of their lives, and the prospect of trying to negotiate down a crazily high asking price is just too much work (and too outside their comfort zones) for most buyers to deal with. The average buyer won’t bother looking at your home if the asking price is clearly high and off base compared with other simila homes for sale; they’d rather sit tight and wait. So Price to sell from the beginning.