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Happy New Year!

I think everyone on the planet breathed a big sigh of relief when 2020 came to an end. No guarantees that 2021 will be any better, but we can hope!

And of course, there’s always a silver lining to every gray cloud, and one of them is that many businesses have learned that their employees can work from home, and have paved the way for that to happen. And what we’ve been saying for years? “If you can work from anywhere, why aren’t you here?

We’ve been seeing more and more people looking at and buying property here with plans to make St Croix at least a part-time, if not their full time, home!

Why not? The weather is perfect here, we can be outside all year and enjoy the beautiful display Mother Nature provides for us each day…and it is truly eye candy! We have high-speed internet, lots of great restaurants, a plethora of fun things to do when you’re NOT working, and the friendliest people on the planet. AND – we have a pretty low rate of COVID19 here (fingers crossed that it stays that way!)

We’d love to welcome you to this beautiful island!

Check out the articles in our first newsletter of 2021 and let us know if you have plans to visit the island this year. We’d love to meet you and help you decide if island life is right for you!