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2022 Property Taxes

The tax bills for 2022 have been mailed out. If you own a property here in St Croix and have not received a bill, please call the tax office (340-773-6449). Currently, on-line payment is not possible (they are currently working on their site).

If you CLOSED on a property this year (as a BUYER), you were credited with the amount the sellers owed through closing, but it is YOUR responsibility to pay the 2022 tax bill.

If you SOLD property in St Croix this year but received the bill, please send it to your Realtor, who will forward it to the Buyers. You do not OWE 2022 taxes – you credited the amount you owed thru closing to your Buyer; the Buyer is responsible for paying the 2022 taxes.

And, please CHECK your tax bill, especially if you own a CONDO. Apparently, the wrong mil rate was used in calculating the taxes this year, resulting in nearly DOUBLE the amount of taxes owed.

Finally, if you own a property here and have a mortgage, and have your taxes paid by your mortgage company, please be aware that the new system erroneously sent all property tax bills to the homeowners. Therefore, no tax bills were sent to mortgage lenders! My suggestion for anyone in this situation is to call your mortgage servicer and send the property tax bill to them to be paid. The other option is to pay the tax bill and send the proof of payment to the lender and request an escrow analysis. The lender should then send the overage check back to you.