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Happy Spring!

Ya know, some people, me included way back when, think that there are no “seasons” in the Caribbean. But that’s not true! We just have more “subtle” seasons! November is typically rainy and grey. December – February is breezy and balmy and dry. March – May are sunny and warm with so many blooming and flowering plants and trees. The summer months are, of course, hot and sometimes stormy. It can be super calm and the water (sea) is absolutely delicious! Fall brings the “Cruzan snow” – tons of white butterflies that remind one of being in a snowstorm! Every month is a delight for the senses! And through it all we get to enjoy the outdoors and all the fun activities going on! It is truly paradise and living here is such a joy! It’s not perfect, but no place is, and things, such as healthcare, are getting better. (See the article about the new hospital). You still can’t get medical insurance here (unless you work for a company that provides it or are covered by Medicare), but that could change soon too. And if you keep your coverage from the states, it will be honored here.

If you’ve had a little “itch” to explore living in the Caribbean, and specifically, St Croix, we’d be happy to “give you the skinny” about what “island life” is like. We have a bevy of agents who moved here from the states and are eager to share their experiences and answer your questions. Even better, come for a visit and get a taste of living here. Consider renting for a 3 or 6-month stint to “test the waters”! Chances are you’ll be sold, but you’ll have a safety net if you learn that St Croix is not for you. You can rent a 1 – 2 bedroom furnished condo or apartment in someone’s home for $1200 – $3500 a month, plus utilities. And if you come in the summer and like it, we can just about guarantee you will absolutely LOVE it in the winter!