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Happy Spring!

Sorry, this newsletter is a bit later than we’d hoped…..Real Estate is ON FIRE here in St Croix and there has not been one second free to prepare a newsletter!

Everyone is asking us why the market is now so hot. We think there are several contributing factors:

1.The election is over!  We generally see more activity after an election.
2. People on the mainland are SICK of politics!
3. More people are working from home, and that is more acceptable now. So, as we’ve always said, “If you can work from anywhere, why aren’t you here!”
4. We don’t have “state” income tax here.
5. Our property taxes are very low – especially compared with places like California and NY.
6. Our Covid cases have been low throughout the pandemic, and vaccines are easy to get.
7. Our weather is fabulous – and has not been so fabulous in the states.
8. Getting here is easy – even during the pandemic!
9. One of the outcomes of the pandemic is that many of us have realized how short life can be, and that none of us are promised tomorrow. People are eager to realize their dreams NOW, rather than putting that off!

It could be one, or a combination of these, or even other reasons! We aren’t sure, but we are working hard to find properties for all the mainlanders heading to our beautiful island!

Our inventory is extremely low – and when good things come on the market, they go very quickly. And offers that are not close to asking don’t stand much of a chance.

So….if you see something that really appeals to you, don’t wait! Make and negotiate an offer right away and if you’re the successful bidder, get on a plane and come see the property during your due diligence period! And if you REALLY like something, come in as close to asking as you can!

Now’s the time, THIS is the place to make your dreams come true! We can help!