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Fish with a Vet

My friends and former customers (bought a GREAT house on the east end!) Barbara and Tony Peel are again sponsoring a wonderful event here on Dec. 3rd called “Fish with a Vet.” It’s a way to give our veterans a lovely day fishing t...

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Open For Business!

Compiled by: Hotels, Resorts & Inns: The Buccaneer  (East of Christiansted) Caravelle Hotel & Casino  (Christiansted) Club Comanche/Hotel St. Croix  (Christiansted) Cottages by the Sea  (Frederiksted) Holger Danske Hotel...

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Donations are still needed and welcomed Virgin Islands Relief - Community fund of the Virgin Islands - Lutheran Social Services: They support the community to ensure affected families receive ...

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St Croix Real Estate: Post-Maria Outlook

While none of us have a crystal ball, it doesn't stop us from making “educated guesses” about what will happen to the real estate market here, based on our past experience. One prominent realtor here has said that we’ll experience a 20% d...

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NOAA Check A Property for Storm Damage

if you know of specific properties you’d like to check out - to see how they fared in the storm - there is Maria imagery here:

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IRMA GAWD… Before, during and after the storm….

We often refer to our home in St Croix as “paradise” - and indeed it is in many ways. We have wonderful weather, beauty all around us, and a close knit community. All those things are wonderful, and help us in times like this…..AKA HURRIC...

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chenay bay

Far from the maddening crowd….

Far from the maddening crowd…. When I was a young adult (i.e., teenager), my girlfriends and I absolutely LOVED going to the beach in the summer. And, the more crowded the beach, the better; increased our odds of meeting cute boys!! Nothing ...

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town portugal

Keeping Up with Kim: Q3 2017

Keeping Up with Kim: Q3 2017 Comparisons I had the pleasure of spending nearly a month with my daughter and her sweetie (they live in St Croix) and my sweetie in Portugal. It was their first time in Europe and what a blessing it was to get to...

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1st half of 2017 vs 1st half of 2016

1st half of 2017 vs 1st half of 2016 RESIDENTIAL 5.5% fewer active listings* 7% more sales 10% lower average sales price Homes selling at 90% of listed price Average sales price = $386,537 Median sales price = $280,000 CON...

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